CUTE TEENS is a division of CUTE KIDS FOUNDATION and is focused on the success of teenagers ages 13-18. The program is designed to help prepare teens for college and beyond. This program is run by our teen volunteers with Team Leader supervision. CUTE TEENS will have the opportunity to plan and manage community events from start to finish, promote team building, gain experience in planning, marketing, and fundraising all while giving back to their community.

Members of CUTE TEENS are entitled to all rights and privileges of a CUTE TEENS membership which includes participation in all member activities such as college prep, tutoring, scholarship search, part-time job search assistance, life skills coaching, and more. There are no membership fees associated with CUTE TEENS.  The TEENS division will rely on fundraising to fund all activities and programs.  

If you have a teen that is interested in joining our CUTE TEENS program, you may access volunteer paperwork via the link below  or by emailing [email protected] Please complete the volunteer form and return to [email protected]   A member of our staff will respond to each submitted application within 1-2 business days.

You may also help CUTE TEENS by making a donation to the program.  All donations raised for CUTE TEENS will be specifically used by this group.  Donations to CUTE KIDS Foundation and its programs are tax deductible.

* The CUTE KIDS Foundation is a non-profit organization that qualifies for federal tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. *