Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where are CUTE KIDS meetings held?

A:  Meeting locations will vary throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Each meeting will take place at the location most conducive to learning our topic for the month.  For example, our etiquette classes will be held at local restaurants, sports clinics will be at local ballparks, performing arts will be at local studios and so on.  Fundraisers will be held to offset the cost of all events.

Q:  Are your programs provided on-line or are they instructor led in a classroom setting?

A:  All of our programs are offered in a live setting.  We provide a hands on environment for the children to learn and apply our core values.  Guest speakers will be available to provide insight on values and to offer motivation to the children in our program.

Q:  What is your membership fee?

A:  Our membership fee is offset by fundraising and sponsorships. The organization will absorb most of the cost for all activities. Parents will know in advance of each activity if there is a cost involved.

Q:  Are there any forms that need to be completed at enrollment?

A:  Yes, there are necessary forms for members and volunteers.  For your convenience, we have made these forms available on our website under the JOIN Now! tab.  Just click on the button marked "Enrollment Forms" or CLICK HERE.  Forms may be emailed back to us at [email protected] or you may bring the completed forms with you to your scheduled enrollment meeting.  If you have not scheduled an enrollment meeting, please Contact Us.

Q:  Can you provide dates for the programs listed?

A:  All of our quarterly meetings will vary each quarter.  Quarterly events will generally be held the last Saturday of the quarter unless there is a scheduling conflict. Dates and locations for upcoming events will be posted to our website.

Q:  When will you hold orientation?

A:  Orientations will be held each quarter.  They will be held the Monday evening prior to our first meeting of the quarter.  Orientation dates and locations will be posted along with other quarter information under Upcoming Events.

Q:  Does your organization promote parent involvement?

A:  YES!!  We absolutely encourage parents to come to our programs with their children.  We believe that this will enable parents to reiterate what we learn at CUTE KIDS at home.  However, there will be some events in which we will work with the children without their parents (for example, we may work on a special program to present to parents).  During these meetings we will provide an alternate social interaction for our parents.  Our goal is to have parents become acquainted with one another throughout the year.