CUTE KIDS was founded by Kimberly Lewis and Shakina Higgs in April 2014 in Fort Worth, TX as an organization dedicated to motivating, mentoring, and encouraging the success of young children. The role of the organization is to provide programs and activities that build self-esteem and confidence, promote team building and life skills, while also encouraging talent through mentorship and focus to the uniqueness of each child.  In June 2014 the CUTE KIDS Foundation was formed to provide families in need with scholarships to the CUTE KIDS program.


Kimberly comes from a large family and strong background in finance, accounting, and education. For years, Kimberly has loved to organize events, plan socials, and activities for friends and family, which helped with the desire to start the organization, CUTE KIDS.  Kimberly believes that all children are a unique gift from God, and that each child should know his or her worth. She hopes that this organization will promote and build confidence, enhance educational values, and build skills necessary to succeed in a society that often loses the sight of many core values and leadership qualities that build character.

Shakina has worked in the tax accounting industry for the past 8 years.  Although she enjoys her position as a tax manager with a major retail company, she always knew that helping children was a part of her destiny.  As a mother of two young girls, Shakina understands the physical and mental stress that today's youth faces.  Her goal is to help children overcome adversity, self esteem issues and learning difficulties while helping the children accept themselves for who they are.  Shakina feels that God makes each child unique for a reason and that a child needs to accept this uniqueness in order to truly be successful in life.  She aims to teach children to be comfortable in their own skin and to focus on the strengths and positivity in their lives.  When not working in tax or with CUTE KIDS, Shakina loves spending time with her family.